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The Economy: November 2016

THE ECONOMY: As of November 2016

Whether it was an exhilarating, come-from-behind win in extra innings that gave the Chicago Cubs their first World Series in over a century, or Donald Trump winning the Presidential election a week later, November proved full of surprises. The thrill of victory was only matched  by the heartbreak of others. But regardless of who you rooted and voted for, stock market investors should be happy with the month’s result. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones were up 3.70 percent and 5.88 percent respectively, and both hit all-time highs. Small cap stocks fared even better, with the Russell 2000 increasing a whopping 11.15 percent. Bond yields did rise quickly, leading to short-term losses for fixed income holders. However, higher interest rates will mean greater income going forward.