Sileo on Security

Sileo On Security

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Episode 32

Credit Cards vs Mobile Payments – Which is Safer?

The perception is that everything digital is automatically less secure than its analog counterpart. But electronic payments from your mobile phone are potentially more secure than those from a physical credit card, and this latest video helps explain why.

Episode 1

Safe Online Shopping

The holidays are a digital party for Identity Theft Grinches. Take these 3 simple steps to protect your online accounts before they spoil your celebration.

Episode 2

Freeze Credit Thieves Out of Your Net Worth

Your credit profile is extremely powerful – worth an average of $300,000 even if your credit isn’t great. Credit thieves target your future buying power, but you can stop them in one quick step.

Episode 3

Is ID Theft Monitoring Worth the Cash?

If you could spend 5 minutes eliminating the financial junk mail (think pre-approved credit card offers and insurance pitches) that waste your time and expose your credit, would you do it? Here’s how to Opt Out.

Episode 4

Your Junk Mail Invites Financial Fraud… UNTIL NOW

In case you ever become a victim of identity theft, monitoring services will alert you before you might otherwise know. But is it worth the cost? Find out.

Episode 5

Stop Credit Card Thieves in the Act

Did you realize that you can have your credit card company and bank notify you anytime there is activity on your account? This tool makes it very easy to catch fraud before it stings your wallet.

Episode 6

Don’t Get Hooked with Phishing Scams

Computer malware is most often delivered through a manipulation technique known as phishing. Here’s how to detect and separate fraudulent email from the real thing.

Episode 7

Your Free Wi-Fi Hotspot is Being Hacked

It’s very convenient, but every time you surf on an unprotected Wi-Fi Hotspot, hackers can see your login passwords, emails and data files (unless you take these steps)

Episode 8

Don’t Let Data Thieves Spoil Your Vacation

Your private information is more vulnerable when you are on the road, whether on vacation or business. A combination of distractions, lack of familiarity, public transit and common theft mean that you need to take extra precautions.

Episode 9

Put an End to Sites That Mine & Sell Your Data

Data mining websites like Spokeo compile massive amounts of information on you: name, address, phone, even the value of your home, your criminal record and your surfing habits, and then sell them, legally, to ANYONE that’ll pay a few dollars for your profile? Here’s how to stop them.

Episode 10

I Lost $300,000 So You Won’t Have To

Take action and start new habits to protect your identity. John Sileo lost his nest egg, job and software company because he didn’t think identity theft could happen to him.

Episode 11

3 Secrets to Hack-Proof Passwords

We all know the general rules to use when setting up a new online password, but we rarely follow them. Most of us tend to use the same simple and easily relatable passwords time and time again. We know better, but we stick to our passwords because they’re convenient and easy to recall.

Episode 12

Simple Steps To Lock Down Your Facebook Profile

Your information is valuable currency for Facebook and other social media sites. Keep in mind, however, that your purpose for using social media and the business of social media are two very different things. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop using Facebook, but make sure and use it wisely.

Episode 13

“Threat Alert” Ransomware Becoming Rampant

The name says it all. Ransomware is a widespread form of malware that’s locking up computers all over the world. When it does, victims cannot access their files, photos and data until they pay the price.

Episode 14

A Smarter Solution For Thief-Proof Passwords

Our lives are now more digital than ever and keeping track of all the different logins and passwords is daunting, not to mention risky if our passwords are too simple and used repeatedly on different sites. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it feels like it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Episode 15

Is Your Fitness Tracker Sharing Your Vital Statistics?

Fitness devices collect a substantial amount of private data on your health, exercise and sleep habits. It is important that you remain aware of exactly how the data obtained by your device is accessible by marketers, insurance or health-related companies before you allow your information to be shared.

Episode 16

How Laptops Don’t Have to Disappear in Seconds

You’re in a public place that feels safe and familiar – your favorite Cafe. You head to get a refill or take a call and instantly your life changes. What went wrong? Watch this live example of how millions of mobile devices are lost every year.

Episode 17

Hang Up On IRS Phone Scams

Have you ever received a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS? The call can be just as annoying as it is threatening. Watch the next video in the series of Sileo on Security and don’t fall victim to these scare tactics.

Episode 18

Securing Your Smartphone

Keeping your smartphone safe should be no different than protecting your PC or home. We increasingly store or access sensitive personal and business-related data on our smartphones, so they operate more like a super computer than a phone. A few simple steps can keep your data, email and conversations safe.

Episode 19

Free Credit Reports

Almost 25% of all Americans have already been the victim of credit ID theft and don’t yet know it. However, there is an easy and FREE way for you to check your three main credit reports to make sure your finances are in order.

Episode 20

9 Habits of Safe Online Shopping Part 1

Nearly every aspect of our lives has an online component. Nothing more so than shopping, banking and investing. Consequently, the stakes for protecting your online accounts are constantly growing and more imperative than ever.

Episode 21

9 Habits of Safe Online Shopping Part 2

When it comes to online shopping, there are several relatively simple steps that will help better protect your bank accounts. Staying a step ahead of cyber criminals is vital and will help prevent them from gaining direct access to your bank accounts. And, in the unfortunate event that your account is hacked, you want to make sure and catch the fraud as quickly as possible. Join us in Part 2 of the series for 9 Healthy Habits that will help block your accounts from a majority of hackers and cyber crime.

Episode 22

9 Habits of Safe Online Shopping Part 3

Do you want to take your online security to the next level? Implement these three advanced online protection measures to greatly lower your risk. When your identity isn’t stolen online, you will be very happy you did!

Episode 23

How To Bulletproff Against a Stolen Smartphone

Have you ever lost your mobile device or had it stolen? Password protecting your device helps prevent thieves or others from gaining access, but there’s more. By enabling the remote tracking feature, you can also locate your device and wipe it clean if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Episode 24

Are Services Like LifeLock Worth the Money?

Are Services Like LifeLock Worth the Money?It’s likely you’ve heard an advertisement for an ID monitoring service in the past year. Are they peddling fear or protecting identities? Are services like LifeLock® right for you?

Episode 25

Don’t Get Juice Jacked At The Airport

Have you seen or used a USB charging station at the airport? These stations are certainly convenient, but they are not safe from cyber-criminals looking to steal your data.

Episode 26

Inexpensive Online Backups To Cover Your Assets

Your entire digital world can disappear in an instant at the hands of malware, ransomware, hackers or just a faulty hard drive. Implement this inexpensive backup process to keep your photos and files safe.

Episode 27

Keep Your Internet Provide From Selling Your Browsing History

Since Congress overturned the FCC privacy regulation, phone and cable companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon can now track and sell your browsing history to advertisers. Learn how to minimize the amount of information they can track and sell to better protect your personal privacy

Episode 28

The Most Powerful ID Theft Prevention Tool of All

Your credit profile is extremely valuable – worth an average of $300,000 even if your credit isn’t great. Credit thieves will target your future buying power, but you can stop them with one quick step.

Episode 29

Get the Junk Out of Your Mail

If you could spend just 5 minutes eliminating the financial junk mail that wastes your time and exposes your credit (think pre-approved credit card offers and insurance pitches), would you do it? Here’s how to Opt-Out.

Episode 30

Removing Your House From Google Street View

If you could spend just 5 minutes eliminating the financial junk mail that wastes your time and exposes your credit (think pre-approved credit card offers and insurance pitches), would you do it? Here’s how to Opt-Out.

Episode 31

G6 Steps To Lock Cyber Criminals Out Of Your Dropbox

Cloud storage, like Dropbox and Google Drive, has become an incredibly convenient way to sync and store files between multiple devices. But there are security drawbacks when you store your files on someone else’s server. To help mitigate this risk, follow a few simple steps to maximize the security of your cloud-based files.