Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey left a large wake with more than 51” of rain and an estimated $75 billion in damages. Needless to say, the effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt for some time to come. As we all regroup and begin working through the recovery process, Linscomb & Williams will accumulate and maintain a list of potentially helpful resources to aid with the recovery process.

If you have experienced flooding or other property damage, your best resource for immediate help is your insurance company. We strongly recommend that you submit your claim as soon as possible. Many have been affected and the backlog of claims will be large and the process may take longer than normal. Contact your agent now to start the process, if appropriate.

Whether you’ve experienced a loss or you’re looking to assist, we hope the items below are helpful. Every storm and recovery process comes with their own nuances and best practices. The recovery effort from Harvey will be no different. If you find something helpful or have a story to share, please email me at

Please remain safe and all the best as we work through this challenging time.


Phillip P. Hamman
Chairman, Wealth Management Committee

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